Paul’s extensive experience as an educational leader and executive coach has been an invaluable asset as we’ve explored my new role as a school administrator. Our sessions have empowered me to focus on what’s most important as I strive to better serve my students, families and colleagues. Paul is skilled at asking probing questions that help me clarify my thoughts and solidify a plan of action that is oriented at achieving my professional goals. Since Paul is an independent advisor and his sessions are confidential, he’s able to provide frank and neutral advice. Ultimately, what’s most important is that I leave each session inspired and motivated, better prepared to serve and lead. Chris Koutougos

Vice-Principal, Victoria High School, School District #61

Paul is a sounding board that does more than reflect or amplify; he asks questions that help me clarify issues in a variety of ways: identifying underlying causes, reframing, seeing patterns, identifying goals and objectives. I arrive at a session with a tangled knot of issues and leave with a renewed sense of where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. Rona Archer


I’ve greatly appreciated and benefited from Paul’s coaching. He’s sympathetic listener and wise guide. At the end of each session, I find that Paul has helped shift my thinking in some subtle but important way, allowing me to move forward in my professional life with greater clarity and confidence. Conan McLean

Formerly Fundraising Manager, Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders

Paul provides valuable insight as a business coach, thanks in large part to his experience owning and running a business himself. He is easy to talk with and he asks good questions that help establish direction. If you want to have an empathetic and thoughtful business coach with wisdom to share, Paul is your man.

Peter Knapp

CEO & Senior Strategist, Upanup Studios

Paul has coached me through the successful transition from Sales Manager to Operations Manager. On a professional level, the insight he’s brought to our meetings has always paid huge dividends my way. Paul brings out the best in people and he cares that you win in your business and personal life. Don Landels

Formerly Operations Manager, Ocean 98.5/KISS 103.1 | Rogers Communications

It is indeed a pleasure to give this testimonial for the Executive Coaching sessions I had with Paul Abra. Paul established a very easy rapport right from the beginning. His explanation about what the sessions would look like and how long they would be were the parameters that helped to establish a safe, collaborative atmosphere.

Change is not easy, but Paul was able to make my journey through the changes I was making in my life and business much less uncomfortable. Paul helped to elicit from me, my own motivation to change. Asking the right kind of question at the right time is one of Paul’s strengths. It was through his questioning techniques that I was able to make a choice about a further action with something or to move in another more positive direction. Frequently, the clarity came a day or two after our sessions (when I had time to ponder our conversations). When I was frustrated with my procrastination tendencies, Paul guided me to establishing some small goals to work on over a specific time period. This helped me immensely. Setting small goals and attaining them can be very satisfying; in time, my bigger goal was achieved!

I have no hesitation in recommending Executive Coaching sessions with Paul Abra.

Brenda Osadchy

Owner, Total Learning Service

As a sole proprietor, I was having difficulty with making marketing a priority. Hiring Paul was very helpful – he assisted me with setting goals and reaching them, asking pointed questions and generally encouraging me to think about what I wanted to accomplish and how to get there. Knowing that I had a meeting coming up helped me find the “sense of urgency” that I needed. I would highly recommend Paul. Sarah L. Klinger

Lawyer, The Law Office of Sarah Klinger

I had the opportunity to work with Paul for two years. Because of Paul’s experience in the education field, he was able to relate very well to where I was coming from with questions and scenarios to work through. I appreciated being able to bring a dilemma to our session and work through it with Paul. I always knew that I would walk away with some great next steps. Thanks Alia Alia Zawaki

Middle Years Principal, St. Margaret's School

I retained Paul as a business coach. Paul brought his marketing acumen, insightful questions, and encouraging style to all our conversations. As a small business owner, I highly recommend his coaching services. Ben Zeigler

Collaborative Journeys

Paul has the unique ability to know what you are thinking before you are thinking it. Through the last few months, he has guided me to many paradigm-shifting revelations, with each one building upon the last. He has helped to clarify my thinking, and illuminate my path- not only in my career, but also in my life.  Not only one of the smartest people I’ve ever known, he’s also among the kindest. Working with Paul has allowed me to deconstruct even the most difficult and frustrating situations, and do it with a smile on my face.

Working with Paul has allowed me to realize what is truly important in my life. His experience and insight will prove invaluable to any individual looking to improve their productivity, decision-making, and overall performance regardless of field. Grandin Harrison

Ad Operations Manager, Send to News

I was recently going through a particular difficult time in my business and connected with Paul Abra for some Executive Coaching. I honestly did not know what to expect or what I could gain from the process.  I was pleasantly surprised by the process and the clarity that it provided to my business.  Paul is a calm and insightful coach who allows people to bring clarity to their problems.  It is great having someone of Paul’s stature to bring accountability and structure to solving business problems. Steve Hutchison

President, Treehouse Media Inc.

“As a young exec settling in to the environment, and without just yet a clear vision for my forward trajectory, I benefited from Paul’s openness and flexible approach to coaching. With Paul I have been able to increasingly formulate a vision for the exec I want to become.” Jonathan Jennings

Formerly Deputy Director, Medicins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders

Paul does a fantastic job of providing an effective framework for determining what is truly important to you and your businesses. Not only did Paul help me think about the big picture, he was also instrumental in helping me find more time to think about the big picture. If you run a company and are frustrated with the fact that many of the non-urgent, low-level tasks are falling on your to-do list and eating up your time to work on the business, I would highly recommend finding some time to sit down with Paul. Greg Wallis

Director, Passion Sports

Paul was an excellent business coach. He helped me set clear, concise goals and made me accountable. I now feel more confident and like I’m on the right track to success. Carla Pusateri

McVagh Cunningham Group Ltd.