Focus, Goal, Dream, Mission, Priority, 1 Thing…

In my readings over the past year, there has been a common theme or thread related to executive or business coaching. That thread is words such as focus, goal, dream, priority, etc. Although these words may not have identical definitions, they are, to me, quite similar and providing a clear direction.

To achieve success as a person or as a business/organization, one needs to have a “focus”. And that focus needs to be laser-like. My most recent reading is the book “The ONE Thing” by Gary Keller with Jay Papason. The premise is that to achieve extraordinary results, an executive, entrepreneur, business person—to name a few of the types of people that I coach—must have only a clearly defined ONE THING that they spend daily “time blocks” on for several months.

Many examples of successful people including the author, give credence to the idea that having a focusing question leads one to extraordinary results. The ONE THING needs to be that most important metric that one is aiming for over time with important steps leading to it.

I have been sharing this idea of “focus” (the ONE THING) with my clients as they aim for their dream trying to incorporate it into a daily routine and measuring every thing they do against it.

“If you chase two rabbits…you will not catch either one.” is a Russian Proverb the authors quote in the book and on the website, that I believe sums up the importance of having a laser focus on ONE THING at a time for your business, career or life. Whether the word you use is ONE THING or one goal or one dream, it is more about making it a habit, not being distracted by other things and being accountable for it.