What are your values?

One of the things that I ask clients in our first session is what is important to them. What motivates them in their work and life?

Too often when we feel tired or in a rut, it is because our values are “out of sync” with what we are doing. When a client explores their world of work or life in general, I will ask them to think of their core values and how those values show up in what they do or want to accomplish.

I believe that our passion for life and work is driven by these values. When we are living our values and they are in line with our work and our daily life, there will be a sense of warmth or happiness that we feel.We will feel fulfilled with a sense of contribution to something that is meaningful to us.

You often hear people say they do not like their job. They say there is no satisfaction in what they are doing. I believe that feeling comes back to our core values being “out of whack ” with the job. They are feeling unfulfilled, lacking some meaning.

What are your core values? What makes you tick? How do they line up with what you are doing? How do they fit in with your future goals?

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