SHINE on goals

Happy New Year! It is a time for resolutions, setting goals, renewing one’s energy and focus.

For Christmas I received a fit band called SHINE. I walk a lot and felt it would be great to set some goals for daily exercise which for me is mainly walking. SHINE lets me know the number of steps I take and how much time I am actually walking (or swimming, biking or running). It becomes a way to focus on my goal of continuous fitness and being accountable. When I hit my daily target there is a “trophy” image on the graph on my phone and the actual fit band will flash lights at me—a celebration of sorts.

When I have conversations with clients, we talk about their goals or dreams. It is important to keep those goals and dreams front and centre. As a coach I provide an accountability for my client, more because they have stated their intention than actually being accountable to me. It is their goal or dream, I am just being with them as they move in the direction of their vision of success.

I read recently, on The Goodmen Project a website I visit daily, that rather than making year-long resolutions we should have 6 or 8 week goals. This allows us to actually attain the goals and celebrate our success. (I know from experience at the gym I belong to that there seems to be a great influx and flurry of activity in the new year and then a drop a month or so later.)

When coaching, we try to focus on a goal for each session in the framework of the overall vision of the client. Breaking it down to smaller pieces is the formula for successful change and attaining the future possibilities for each client.

What would you like to achieve in the next 6 weeks?