Our Mission Statement

Inspire and motivate individuals to fulfill their dreams in their businesses, in their careers and in themselves.

Who is Motivated Coaching Services for?
  • Executives
  • Aspiring Executives
  • Owners of Small & Medium Sized Businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People who are starting up businesses
  • People exploring career opportunities and transitions
  • People wanting to improve their leadership skills
  • People continuing their professional development
Why choose Motivated Coaching Services?

Paul has “walked in the shoes” of executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners. As a small business owner with an entrepreneurial spirit and former director of a large independent school, he understands and can relate to their challenges and feelings. He understands the risks, the stresses and the feelings of “alone-ness” that is a part of their world. In a safe and confidential environment, his clients are able to share their goals and ambitions, while being challenged to overcome barriers and attain those aspirations.

Benefits of Coaching
  • Finding clarity
  • Realizing potential
  • Co-creating with a thought partner
  • Envisioning success
  • Actualizing goals