Calm, Forgiveness and Gratitude

Last evening I was at a talk given by Sam Graci, a leading expert on nutrition and author of The Path to Phenomenal Health. Although he shared many ideas about health and nutrition, one that stood out for me was the annual “word of the year” that psychiatrists from around the world settle on that is important to mental health.

In 2013, Gratitude was chosen. The thought behind this particular word is to inspire positivity by reflecting on for what a person is thankful—be that a special person, group of people, an event or object. To spend a moment every day to be grateful for someone or something is a powerful reminder that life is and can be good.

Forgiveness, 2014’s word, is about absolute forgiveness of a person or persons who have done some wrong. To be able to forgive, creates some amazing release in the human body and condition that again allows for better mental health. I suspect, not knowing for sure what it all means, that by being able to forgive allows us to let go and to move on with life in a positive direction.

This brings me to Calm, the word for this year 2015. How does one truly become calm in this hectic world with so much going on around us and so many responsibilities pulling us in all directions? It is important for us to take the time each and every day to find some calmness through whatever means we can. A number of ideas to help instill some calm into the day included meditation, deep and mindful breathing and yoga.

Calm, Forgiveness and Gratitude are truly wonderful words that lead us to a better place.